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Introduction to My Safe Florida Home Program

The My Safe Florida Home Program is an initiative by the Florida Department of Financial Services designed to bolster homes against hurricanes. It provides free home hurricane inspections and offers matching grants for home strengthening improvements, playing a vital role in preparing Florida homeowners for hurricane seasons.

Save BIG on a New Roof Installation

A notable recent development is the expansion of the program, which now allows Florida homeowners to enhance their hurricane protections with the state contributing $2 for every $1 spent by the homeowner. With the allocation of an additional $100 million in the state’s fiscal 2023-2024 budget, the program has gained significant momentum. As of October 2023, over 20,000 grants have been approved, demonstrating the high demand and success of the program.

How Backbone Construction & Roofing Fits In

Backbone Construction & Roofing, a locally owned company based in Plant City, FL, is perfectly positioned to assist homeowners in leveraging the My Safe Florida Home Program. The company serves a broad area including Plant City, Tampa, Lakeland, and Wesley Chapel, among others. Their services encompass residential and commercial roofing, including new installation, maintenance, and repair for various roof types such as asphalt, shingle, metal, and flat roofs.

The Role of a New Roof in Hurricane Preparedness

A robust and well-maintained roof is crucial for hurricane preparedness. It acts as the first line of defense against severe weather, protecting the structure and interior of a home from damage. With Backbone Construction & Roofing’s expertise in roofing, homeowners can not only enhance the safety and durability of their homes but also potentially qualify for the matching grants offered by the My Safe Florida Home Program.

How to Get Started with a New Roof Replacement

Homeowners interested in improving their hurricane preparedness should start by applying for a free home inspection through the My Safe Florida Home Program. Once they have an understanding of the necessary improvements, they can engage with Backbone Construction & Roofing to assess and carry out the needed roofing work. The synergy between the program’s grants and Backbone’s roofing services offers an efficient and cost-effective way to strengthen homes against hurricanes.

New Roof Installation with Backbone Construction & Roofing

The My Safe Florida Home Program, especially with its recent funding boost, presents a valuable opportunity for Florida homeowners to fortify their homes against hurricanes. Backbone Construction & Roofing emerges as a reliable partner in this endeavor, bringing its extensive roofing expertise to the table. By utilizing this program in conjunction with professional services from Backbone, homeowners can take a significant step toward ensuring their safety and peace of mind during hurricane season.

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